Your Guide To Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer!

In our daily life, we come across various types of emulsions. An emulsion is a biphasic system consisting of two or more liquids immiscible owing to liquid-liquid phase separation. Toothpaste, creams, ointments, and ketchup are all common examples of emulsions that we use. Have you ever wondered how these products are manufactured? How are the ingredients in these products mixed? If not, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you about vacuum-emulsifying mixer machines. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

Vacuum emulsifying mixer:

As the name suggests, the automated machines used to mix emulsion products are called vacuum emulsifying mixers. This type of mixer is generally used for mixing high-viscosity material for emulsification. A vacuum emulsifying machine can use a vacuum, steam heating, or electric heating to operate. Chilled water or tap water can be used for cooling. The contact parts of the machine can be made up of stainless steel (we mainly use SS316L), which imparts durability to the machine and enhances its long life.

The vacuum emulsifying mixer designed and manufactured at Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd is equipped with PLC control. The inside and outside of the machine are mirror polished to achieve GMP standards. We can design vacuum emulsifying mixers ranging from VME-5L to VME-5000L. The essential parts of a vacuum emulsifying mixer are listed below:

  • Cover Accessories
  • Mixing paddle (used for mixing ingredients in order to get a uniform texture)
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Main tank (tank in which ingredients are poured)
  • ABB homogenizer motor
  • SIEMENS PLC touch screen (used for giving instructions to the machine)
  • Movable wheels (you can easily transport a machine from one place to another via movable wheels)

The effective capacity, emulsifying motor, agitator, vacuum pump, electric heating power, and steam pressure vary with each model. Also, depending on your requirements, we can design a customized model. However, some reference parameters are available on our official website.

Why choose us?

Among various suppliers, we are the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of a wide variety of automated machinery. Our company deals with the following products:

  1. Vacuum emulsifying mixer
  2. Liquid washing homogenizer mixer
  3. Bottle/Jar filling capping labeling machine
  4. RO (RO stands for reverse osmosis) water treatment
  5. Perfume production line
  6. Powder production line, etc.

In the past 30 years, our company has been the first option for professionals due to the following reasons:

  • Strong technical team
  • Advanced production equipment
  • Perfect testing methods
  • Perfect services

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