What is Vacuum Homogenous Mixing Machine? And Its Applications

A vacuum homogeneous mixing machine is a type of mixing machine that can deform, stir, homogenize, and emulsify materials. It is powered by an electric system and has a vacuum system, a platform for controlling a machine, and a vacuum emulsifier. This machine contains scrapers that assist remove materials from the interior surface of the machine, which prevents dead corners from occurring. It features the main tank, a vacuum system, electrical control system, and raw material feeding system, and a heating and cooling system. It also consists of a weighing system, a piping system, etc.

The vacuum homogenous mixing machine uses the negative pressure within the vessel to discharge the bubbles from the tank during the material mixing process, which helps to make the mixture ductile, delicate, Smooth, and clean.

Application of Vacuum Homogeneous Mixing Machine

A vacuum homogenous mixer is a cosmetic machine, but as technology has advanced, so has the production method. At present times, vacuum homogenous mixing machine is used in several industrial production sectors in addition to the cosmetics industry.

It can be utilized in various liquid goods, according to its range of applications. it can mix materials of low viscosity because the emulsifier can handle them effortlessly. A vacuum homogenous emulsifying machine can mix materials with specific consistency.

Food Industry

Vacuum Homogenous Mixing Machine can be used for food sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, custard sauce, and salad dressing. The purpose of its vacuum emulsification tank is to dissolve one or more ingredients in another liquid phase and combine them into an emulsion that is relatively smooth. As a result, it is frequently used to emulsify and combine sugars, powders, edible oils, and other primary and supplementary ingredients.

Chemical Industry

Vacuum homogenous mixing machines are also used in the chemical industry for various ink coatings, paint emulsification, and dispersion. These are particularly useful for mixing and emulsifying some insoluble colloidal additives like CMC and other raw ingredients. The production of pharmaceuticals, chemical dyes, printing, ink, and other industrial goods can all be performed with this equipment. It is more efficient, particularly when used to emulsify materials with a high matrix viscosity and a significant amount of powder.

Cosmetics Industry

Vacuum homogenous mixing machines are widely used in cosmetic items such as creams, shampoos, shower gels, sunscreens, and other creams. The rapid rotation of the homogenizing head attached to the engine applies high-speed shearing, dispersion, and impact to the material. A vacuum emulsifying machine can guarantee that the cream is delicate and smooth by dispersing and emulsifying uniformly while preventing the mixing of air bubbles.

The vacuum homogenous mixer machine is widely used for different high-viscosity cream and paste materials in the cosmetic, daily-use product, chemicals, and food sectors.

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