Structure, Characteristics, and Benefits of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Vacuum emulsifying machines are widely used in various industries because they provide a cost-effective and low-material-loss method of handling materials that need mixing and emulsification. The industrial mixing of liquids, solids, and powders may all be done with the vacuum emulsifier. A vacuum emulsification machine is a full vacuum mixer system used in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals industries to produce viscous cream, lotion, ointment, and suspensions.

Structure of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

The emulsifying machine is primarily comprised of an emulsification tank (with a liftable tank lid or flip tank), an oil phase tank, a water phase tank, a vacuum system, a heating and temperature control system, and an electrical control system. The vacuum emulsifier has more adaptability and diversity in material handling due to the replaceable operating unit, adjustable speed and frequency conversion, and temperature control system.

Characteristics of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Fluid is poured into the emulsification pot’s top, then the cover is opened. Its ability to incorporate trace components makes it practical for feeding. There is no dead angle since the frame stirring has a scraper and both the homogenizing shearing and stirring frequency can be regulated. It homogenizes using a high-shears homogenizer. The emulsification pot has stainless steel inner, middle, and exterior layers that are split into two opposing layers of space. The outside layer is insulated, while the inner interlayer oil is heated and cooled.  In order to easily clean the inside of the pot, a hydraulic lift is used to manually empty the body of the pot. The consistent frequency conversion speed regulation, stirring, homogenization, and time setting higher and lower limitations are all visible on the control panel. The pot’s lid has a light and a cleaning mirror, making it simple to check the condition of the pot.

Benefits of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

It makes extensive use of vacuum technology to boost mixing efficiency. The mixing environment is kept under control by a vacuum, which helps avoid aeration, which might lead to mixing blade degeneration. The controlled mixing environment also contributes to the production of void-free final products.

Large amounts of particulate items can be produced in small, medium, and large batches with this technology. This is due to the fact that it has an operating capacity ranging from 30L to 2000L. Since the manual method involves a fair amount of time, it saves time. The automated equipment contributes a significant amount of energy, speeding up the overall process. The goods’ homogeneity has improved and their viscosity has been efficiently regulated. Waste that resulted from hand mixing is lessened. The machine makes sure everything is hygienic and prevents product contamination.

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