Ketchup Paste Mixer Making Machine

Technology development has changed our way of living. Thanks to technological advancements, most of the labor that humans formerly did is now performed by machines. In the past, one had to complete the entire process of making ketchup by themselves, from washing tomatoes to filling the ketchup into the container. But, now ketchup production is automated.

Lianhe is a professional Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer manufacturer in the industry. Our manufactured high-quality ketchup mixer mixing machines. In this article, we talk about the ketchup paste mixer-making machine.


The vacuum paste mixer-making machine consists of an emulsification tank, water tank, oil tank, mixing paddle, cover accessories, sus staircase, discharge outlet, hydraulic tilting system, mixing system, heating and temperature control system, and electrical control system.

Working principle

 The contents of the oil and water tanks are heated and stirred. A vacuum pump will then transfer them to the emulsifying tank once they have been properly combined. The material will be completely mixed and driven down to the emulsifier at the low portion of the central axle while being stirred by the higher part of the mixing paddle and integrated with the cover accessories. The substance will be significantly crushed, sheared, and fragmented into particles with a very high-speed emulsifying action. The vacuum setting in the tank will quickly remove any bubbles that develop throughout the procedure.


 There are 11 models of this machine in the ketchup mixer-making machine series. The capacity of this machine is 200L-1000L. The machine’s mixing speed is 0-65 rpm, while its homogenizing speed is 0-3600 rpm. Electric and steam heating are the standard heating method. About 220V, 380V, and 440V are needed for machine application. We provide manual and hydraulic tilting. A PLC or button control can be used as the control system. You can choose a spiral or non-spiral mixing paddle. The characteristics mentioned above can be customized based on an individual’s preferences. ABB and Siemens Motor are used in this machine which is authentic and offers long service life.


  1. Its homogenizer rotation speed can reach 3000 rpm.
  2. The tank body material is made of high-quality stainless and all parts of contacting material adopts the SUS316 stainless steel.
  3. The emulsifying mixer can prevent outside air and air bubbles from accessing the emulsifying tank while operating under a vacuum.
  4. The body of the tank may either heat or cool the ingredients in accordance with the needs of the process. Electric and steam heating are both used in the heating process.
  5. This machine can be customized in accordance with customer needs for a part of it.


The ketchup mixer’s primary functions include mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, heating, and vacuum system.


 Mixer-making machines are used for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in industries of viscous fluids, cosmetics, medicine, food, etc. It is used in the manufacturing of toothpaste, face cream, hair dyeing cream, ointment, sunscreens, makeup, skincare, wax, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

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