Fixed Type Cosmetic Cream Vacuum Mixer Making Machine

Cosmetics creams have been around for centuries and are widely popular in the modern world. Individuals of all ages and genders use them. They are in greater demand so is their production. With the advancement of technology, the creams production process is much easier with the help of machines. A vacuum mixer machine is one of the machines used in the cream manufacturing process. This article is all about the cream vacuum mixer machine.

Lianhe is a scientific enterprise specializing in the production of modern machinery. Lianhe manufactured fixed-type vacuum mixer machines for the production of cosmetic cream.


This machine disperses, shears, homogenizes, emulsifies, and stirs the two incompatible raw materials oil and water through powerful power and blends them into a uniform and delicate product. The vacuum cream mixer-making machine consists of an emulsification tank, water tank, oil tank, UP dispenser motor, seal cover, staircase, discharge outlet, mixing motor, vacuum system, external circulation system, and electric control box. It has a one-way mixing paddle which is seamlessly welded and is easier to wash. Its seal covered has flanges for extra protection.


A homogenizer and a frame agitator with a mixing paddle make up the stirring section. The homogenizers’ stirring speed may be changed steplessly and ranges from 0 to 3600 rpm; the mixing paddle rotates at a speed of 0 to 65 rpm. Slow stirring serves the purpose of promoting the heat transfer of the heat transfer surface during heating and cooling, resulting in a consistent and thermally efficient container temperature. The inner wall of the container is efficiently scraped and transferred as a result of the hydraulic pressure, accelerating the impact of heat exchange. Additionally, the vacuum homogeneous emulsifier has several auxiliary features, such as insulating layers and interlayers for heating and cooling.


The fixed-type vacuum mixer is widely used for different of high viscosity cream and paste materials in the cosmetic, daily-use product, pharmaceutical, medical, and food sectors, including skin cream, BB cream, shampoo, ultrasound gel, wax, ointment, detergent, honey, sauce, serum, and ointment.

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