Explaining Vacuum Mixer In 5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how the creams, ointments, and lotions you use in your daily life are manufactured? How are ingredients in creams, and lotions, mixed homogeneously to get a uniform texture? If yes, then this piece of writing is just for you. In this article, we will briefly discuss vacuum mixing. Read on to know what it is…

What is vacuum mixing?

The mixing of ingredients that is done in the presence of a vacuum is known as vacuum mixing. Generally, a mixer called a vacuum mixer is required for vacuum mixing. A vacuum mixer is technological mixing equipment that allows the operator to mix compounds in vacuum conditions to limit the excess air and prevent the formation of bubbles.

The machine is capable of mixing ingredients in the absence of air in order to avoid the incorporation of bubbles into the mixture which can lead to the formation of air pockets as well as forming in the final product, fouling in heat exchangers as well as cavitation.

Vacuum mixing is generally preferred over other mixing techniques or machines because of its various benefits. A few are listed below:

  • Removal of unsightly voids in the final product
  • The quality of dispersion is enhanced
  • Outgassing
  • Improved drying at lower temperatures as well as sub-surface addition of raw material

Features of small-scale vacuum mixer:

If you will buy a vacuum mixer from LIANHE Machinery, the machine will be equipped with the following features:

  • Movable wheels (to easily move the machine from one place to another)
  • Manual tilting of the main tank
  • Tilting of hydraulics
  • Button controls
  • The mixing paddle comes with or without spirals
  • The machine is equipped with authentic Siemens and ABB motors.

Where to buy a vacuum mixer?

Various companies manufacture various types of automated machinery. Among various companies, LIANHE Machinery is a professional small-scale vacuum mixer cosmetic cream-making machine manufacturer.

LIANHE Machinery is a professional and scientific enterprise specialized in research, development, manufacturing, and management of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical machinery, filling as well as packing machinery.

Moreover, the company is equipped with a complete range of machining equipment, excellent technological flow, powerful motors, and great design ability as well as rich production experience. Visit their online website to get a quote on your required automated machinery.


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