Canton Fair 2023 in China Guangzhou

China Lianhe company attended the Guangzhou Canton Fair on 2023.04.15-2023.04.19. We have focused on the whole cosmetic and liquid chemical production line more than 26 years, if you have any interest in vacuum emulsifying mixer, liquid mixing machine, automatic or semi-auto filling capping labeling machine for bottles or jars, tube filling and sealing machine, sachet filling sealing machine or perfume production line such as perfume making machine, perfume filling machine, perfume collaring machine, etc. Welcome to contact us to get more information and detailed quotation. We are glad to offer you the turnkey project for making liquid soap, detergent, hand wash, gel, shampoo, hair oil, conditioner, dishwash, floor soap, hand cream, lotion, cream, skin care, ointment, toothpaste, etc.


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